CanEx Jamaica

Upling’s owner to speak at 2022 CanEx Jamaica The fifth annual CanEx Jamaica Business Conference & Expo will host global leaders and feature presentations and panel discussions from industry experts panel discussions with scientists, therapists, and experts to foster dialogue and learning. The conference will focus on the latest advances in cannabis across the medicinal, […]

Maryland Schools Implement Medical Cannabis Policy for Students

Under a new policy, Worcester County Public Schools in Maryland will allow students with a medical cannabis recommendation to access their medicine while in school, Ocean City Today reports. The policy requires a school nurse to administer medical cannabis and follows a law passed by the state’s General Assembly in 2020. Dr. Annette Wallace, the chief safety […]

Breakthrough Podcast

Take Take a list from the Breakthrough Podcast about the owner of Upling LLC and helping Returning citizens The Breakthrough Podcast is a resource dedicated to formerly incarcerated individuals seeking resources to start, operate, or grow an enterprise or simply seeking inspiration to discover new pathways in life. Each episode is packed with resources from […]

BCB MasterMind

Upling’s Owner has been invited to take in a six-week online cohort coupled with an in-person two-day intensive, cannabis founders and professionals complete structured exercises and receive expert training from leading subject matter experts and practitioners from the industry.  ​ Upon completion of the program, BCB Mastermind graduates are equipped with the business plans, knowledge, […]