Upling’s owner to speak at 2022 CanEx Jamaica

The fifth annual CanEx Jamaica Business Conference & Expo will host global leaders and feature presentations and panel discussions from industry experts panel discussions with scientists, therapists, and experts to foster dialogue and learning. The conference will focus on the latest advances in cannabis across the medicinal, health/wellness, legal, regulatory, business, and investment landscape across the globe.

CanEx brings together top professionals from across North America, Europe, the Caribbean, South & Central America, and Australia, hosting high-value industry discussions and connections with experts, policymakers, researchers, and businesspeople.

Our focus is on developing an international platform that serves to connect industry players from across the globe with the common goal of expanding the cannabis industry and the connections that foster that growth.

We will be discussing opportunities for investment, medical applications, as well as the business, legal and regulatory landscape. The conference features keynote addresses, panel discussions and presentations by: