Frequently Asked Questions


Cannabis Delivery app/Upling is a cannabis delivery app.

Drivers get cashed out once a week (every Friday).

Log into the driver’s dashboard, click the three lines at the top left, and click “My Earnings.”

As soon as an order is placed, you will receive a notification where you can choose to accept or decline the order. If you choose to accept, you will pick up the product at the selected dispensary, and drop it off at the patient’s address. Before handing the package over,  you will ask for a valid State ID to verify you have the person who ordered the product.

You will receive an email about your status within 24-48 hours of submission.

You will receive your driver’s credentials to log into the driver’s app, where you can start accepting deliveries and earning money.

Customers will not know your whereabouts and you will have no cash on you while providing contactless delivery and we are fully compliant with MMCC to transport Cannabis.

  • Each year, as a self-employed contractor, you will receive a 1099 form for taxes.

The product will be destroyed by an Upling Manager.


Upling or the store manager, depending on the monthly cost package

Yes, a full background check is performed.


You can request another driver for pick up.

We have had over 100+ successful deliveries, and customer service is our number one priority. Plus, we are the only app with its own POS you can control.