Under a new policy, Worcester County Public Schools in Maryland will allow students with a medical cannabis recommendation to access their medicine while in school, Ocean City Today reports. The policy requires a school nurse to administer medical cannabis and follows a law passed by the state’s General Assembly in 2020.

Dr. Annette Wallace, the chief safety and academic officer for the school district, told school board members that the new policy would protect all students around controlled substances. She said that she was not aware of any requests, yet, for the administration of medical cannabis in the district’s schools.

The school superintendent recommended the policy be approved, and the board members unanimously approved it. 

The 2020 law requires all Maryland schools to allow the administration of medical cannabis during school hours and during school-sponsored activities while on a school bus, the report says. The law allows students who are qualifying medical cannabis patients to obtain medical cannabis through the student’s caregiver or any designated school personnel authorized to administer medical cannabis to the student in accordance with the law. Students cannot access smokeable or vapeable products while in school, according to guidelines approved by the state Department of Education and Medical Cannabis Commission.